Download an always up-to-date ebook version of Paul Graham’s essays.

or download .PDF version

What is it and why I built it?

Paul Graham (PG) is very influential in the startup world and his essays are considered classics. Unfortunately they are available only on his website and it isn't possible to read them on ebook device. That's why I created pg2epub.

pg2epub is a simple web scraper (running each morning) that generates ePub & PDF versions of Paul Graham’s essays.

Is it legal?

Not sure. I have tried several times to reach out to PG and ask for permission but never got a reply. So I decided that I don’t have anything to lose and built it without official permission. In the worst case scenario this site will be shut down and I would finally have gotten in touch with him.

This ebook is for personal use only and you are not allowed to distribute it or use it for commercial purposes. All essays are originally published in Paul Graham’s official website. All rights reserved to Paul Graham.

This is a side-project of Dimitar Raykov.